that Birthday Cake..

Some frequent discussion among a group of friends, all sloshed by wine and women. She was constantly looking at the phone. While she was present among the crowd, but all her attention was on her phone and the door. It was 11:55. In 5 mins she was turning 27. Her fourth birthday with him, but without him. He will surprise her with a cake in hand, he will come to meet her, thoughts floating in twisted nerves. He was her best friend, her love, he will plan something great to surprise her.

Friends were still in their own stories, some listening, some laughing and some drooled in their own company. She was four drinks down, but she cannot sleep. What if she misses his call? Suddenly there were voices from the crowd, happy birthday lady. Cheers!. The doorbell did not ring, there was no surprise cake. Wait, he could be late, her heart was still consoling. There were so many around, that she was alone. She could not collect herself, she was broke inside. PHONE… He will call her. She waited for him to call, he did not. He will call me, she knew. He never does that. 15 mins passed.

The moment did not let her rest, but she was straining to hold her tears which wanted to roll down to her dimpled chin. 20 mins passed. That was a sudden gathering, nobody actually arranged for a cake. There was no cake. She had to celebrate it like that, she felt bad. She wanted to cry. She felt down, depressed. “He forgot my birthday” she sulked. 25 mins passed away.

Everyone back in the mode, suddenly the phone rang: “Happy Birthday Honey! and she contended. This is what she wanted to hear. This is what makes this birthday grand for her. No cakes, no bouquet, no gifts, but she was so happy.

“I know you will call, but this late..?”

“ just slipped of my mind, i placed an alarm but it did not ring” he replied.

“When it’s your birthday, I know, since a week. And you need an alarm to remember mine.” she frowned. She felt bad again.

“I have to take my flight. Goodbye”

They disconnected.
Six Months Gone….
She feels like a substance, mortal yet dead. and Now they say that she is sick, she should get well soon. Irony!


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