5 Easy Ways to Happiness

Ladies! Yes, I know we face a lot, in our day to day routine. Every time we are going through some or the other challenge and trust me its okay to be annoyed sometime. Its okay and normal. It is important that we take life as it comes to us and celebrate it. Yes, you could be going through a severe mental trauma, but never forget that this is not the first time, you have faced it before and survived very well. So, celebrate, you are on the next level, and this time it might hit you harder but now you know the trick so it’s easy. Say Cheers to life and live it.Here I am sharing a few hacks that help you to be a better person, not for anyone to yourself. Tried and tested, trust me it works



Swamped with responsibilities, cultural ethics, work pressure, love and family issues, there is a lot of things that keep floating inside you at a time. It is normal. The brain of a woman is structure to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. But in the mess somewhere we forget something which is most important, which you in yourself. Never demean your value, you are a power-packed superwoman and you don’t wait for appreciations. Appreciate yourself, YOU don’t need anyone.


Each one of us is blessed with something that gives us that divine peace. Think about it, what is that one thing that unlinks you from this plasticity of the world and you log into your own blissful world. It could be writing, traveling, cooking, gardening, even talking. Find it and make sure you always take time for your hobby.


Not because you have to fit into that slim fit dress and walk on the ramp but because you are supposed to take care of yourself. Exercising not only keeps you fit and healthy but it also helps as an anti-depressant for you. You are more confident and hence things around you automatically turn bright and flamboyant. And not to forget that slim fit dress, yes you can make it happen!


meet people, talk to them, know whats going on outside your ecosystem. It could be frequent or once in a while but it helps. It helps you to discover those points where you are doing better than others at the same time where you can help others to improve. It is important, talking does half of the work when it comes to solving a problem. Others opinion matters, though the decision is all yours


I know this sounds really like your MOM but trust me it works. Getting up early helps you sort your day. You have time to exercise, meditate, sort out the things and then start the day. I know it is difficult especially to those who run through a hectic daily routine and battle with the road traffic, but once you put in a habit, it will automatically make you realize how positivity boosts when you get up early in mornings. Try to start with 15 mins and gradually you will move backward and be able to make it at six in the morning.


21 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Happiness

  1. Thanks for sharing these. It’s true though, meaningful and enjoyable hobbies make like so much more meaningful and enjoyable as well. I also get up at 4 am and go work out, so I agree with all of these. 🙂


  2. I love your 5 habits to happiness! Exercise and waking up early are two of my favorite things to do 🙂


  3. I totally agree. I think it doesn’t matter what is going on in your life. a hobby or a workout can really life your mood and so can a positive outlook about everything especially your own self.


  4. I wish I could work on on the getting up early one! Agree with getting a hobby – can so help to engage with something you enjoy and that is rewarding too!


  5. These are so true, and the best part ia they are really practical and do able, especially the part about getting a hobby and hanging out. Works great for me


  6. I was with you until the get up early. I’m not sure what early is to you but anything before 6:30 or 7 is painful. I know it would be nice to get things done, but I love my sleep!


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