Like millions of other working women in the world, my day also starts with a ruckus. Negotiating time with my alarm clock, and finally loosing to it, then struggling with the couple of cosmetics in the shower and makeup room, parallelly trying to match the shoe with the dress for the day inside my head, skipping the breakfast and grabbing quick fruit then rushing for the train to reach office on time, Oh my.. my… I forgot my phone charger.., go back!!…aaarrrghhh. Our day is not just about being best at work, but at the same time look my best at work, eat right to stay fit, wear the right shoe because you might have to run, check your nails, the paint shouldn’t be chipping off, sanitary pad???? Am I PMSing, etc etc etc and it goes on. Agreed?


If you are a woman and you are working, you are doing a double shift ie HOME + JOB and most of the time the things are managed on the go. Also, if you are a mother then the ruckus goes 10x. So, to deal with the situation and with perfection, I have listed down 10 things that I always keep handy with me, and trust me, it sorts my day, most of the time.


Nude shades often go with most of your dresses. Keeping a Nude shade lipstick with you would help you in most cases. Even if you are short of time to do an extensive makeup session, just wipe your face and wear a lipstick. It works wonderfully, especially when you are in a rush.


I have this habit of not remembering when my last period was. Also, sometimes you get surprised treats, so this is always advisable to keep a sanitary pad in your bag always. You never know you might end up donating it, helping a needy one and become her savior. And hence you also contribute to Humanity. Lol!


Landing up to a meeting with chipped off nail paint is one of my most hated moments. They chip off, due to distinct reasons and most of the time you might miss cleaning your nail and fixing it up. Hence keeping a tissue-based nail polish remover, saves your day.


Carrying bigger nails with other tons of family responsibilities in your pocket is not easy. Sometimes I face broken, chipped nails or peed skin issues. A pocket nail cutter helps to keep my nails well in shape while I am traveling.
DOCTOR TAPE: Doctor tape is not only a medical essential to keep but it also is a great hack to shoe bites. Often when I have to run across the city wearing my closed office shoes, I happen to get blisters. But next day again I have to run, so using a doctored tape before wearing your shoe, helps prevent skin rashes and blisters.


Facial wipes give your skin instant freshness. Not only they clean your skin but also rejuvenate it. Keeping a facial wipe while traveling helps you survive the situation, where there is no availability of water.


Exposure to sun harms the skin and may cause pigmentation problems, rashes, and pimples. Hence it is always advisable to properly apply sunscreen lotion before stepping out in sun.


Somedays I do not have time to eat proper meals o time, but the work life should not affect the body. Body metabolism works according to our food habits and timings. It is important to avoid fasting for long, small packs of roasted grams, Almonds or digestive cookies, helps you kill hunger and also prevents you from craving for junk food.


But again, it is not advisable to eat with unclean hands. As a hygiene one must always use sanitizers to clean the hands before eating on the go.


Hmmm, we all are sweat blood in daily routine, but I hate smelling bad. Hence DEO sprays is an essential part of my daily bag.


4 thoughts on “10 MUST HAVE THINGS IN YOUR BAG

  1. Can I also add having a small reusable page for when you need to buy something? It is a great and simple way to reduce waste. Great list! Especially having a small snack.


    • I absolutely love the idea! I am actually working on Part II of the same article and would love to include your idea. Thank you so much for reading my article and sharing thoughts! 🙂


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