We all are thriving in our day to day life, however, there are small elements of pleasure that we often fail to notice. Food and health are two complimentary yet contradict essentials of our daily life. If you are a foodie you compromise on health, if you are a fitness maniac you miss the scrumptiousness around. There is a flavor in everything and one should not miss to have it once in life. With this let’s find out ways where we can make a balance and enjoy without missing out on anything. This is our expedition along with fitness food and fun.

I am a Digital Media Mutineer by profession and Blogger by choice. I am a dreamer with a quest for new adventures and experiments. I often experiment with things, people and life at times.

As my hobby I love daydreaming, reading random stuff, hanging out on Twitter and Instagram. I love social service and hence for free advice, you can anytime get in touch with me. I cherish nature and am a traveler by heart. I strongly believe life is made out of small moments that we often skip to live and thus I never forget to appreciate small things in life. With this approach, I wish to get the best stuff to you via cheeerstolife.blog

You can follow me on twitter @atangledtale. Apart from blogging, I work for social causes. If you are an Instagrammer you can follow me @atangledtale. For any queries or suggestion, you can get in touch directly @atangledtales@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.



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