Yes I am Stuck

Yes I am Stuck
Stuck to the warmth of his hands holding me when I was broke..
Stuck in those glinting eyes when I look at him and smile..
Stuck to that melt when he hugged me last before he left..
Stuck to those lazy late nights when he talks to me to sleep..
Stuck to all those random trips which I never planned but happened..
Stuck to the bench in the park when my hands would rasp by his hair and he would talk endlessly..

Stuck to that hairline getting grey I would see when he comes close to peck me..
Stuck to those rolling tears when he never turned up..
Stuck somewhere in my heart and couldn’t stop loving him..
Yes, I am stuck ….
He is that smile on my face, and I am stuck there..
Stuck one step before I could see there is a world beyond him..