Why Is It Important To Groom Your Hobbies

I booked a bike taxi last evening, it was cheaper and faster compared to other modes, zipped me through the traffic and I could save money and have my favorite ice-cream. But I am not here to promote a bike taxi, but what I found interesting, something that left me totally astonished was to see a lady biker at my doorstep. I was obviously more comfortable with her, and the trip was perfect. She was an absolutely professional lady and responsible driver. The wrinkles on her face and rage in her eyes said it all. She is not just carrying me but she was carrying multiple responsibilities in life. I talked with us for a while when she tells me that she lost her husband as he was alcoholic, she has a 10-year-old son and mother in law to take care of at home. She used to stealthily ride her dad’s bike back when she wasn’t married, and her love for bikes is helping her to choose a career for the living. I felt elated to see this tough role chosen by her, overriding the cliché that ‘woman’s place is in the home’ and ‘woman is a bad driver’.


We have seen female workers in almost every profession, and now seeing this lady on roads with her bike fills me with gratification.

We’ve been watching campaigns around lady Bikers Exploring The Himalayas or doing Some Crazy Road Trips, and we’ve admired them but what makes me proud is lady bikers now helping commuters to struggle the traffic, and earning for their living.

The bottom line is every woman should be educated and trained as per her skills and interests. She should not be depending on anyone for her living. Ganga wasn’t educated but because she knew how to drive she was able to handle the tough phase of her life.

It is not necessary to sit in a multistory building with a laptop by your side, there are multiple options in the world that a woman can opt for. Especially the housemakers, who are often demeaned as non-working, I suggest you can pick any hobbies from your childhood, take some training and start taking small assignments. Financial independent matters a lot, it makes you independent and powerful.

Never forget, he choose you to be a woman, a woman is not just a gender but a very special character. Office, kitchen, groceries, toiletries, homework of your son, the wardrobe of your husband, medicines of your father in law, and that saree you wanted to get for your mother. Siblings, relatives, friends, kids, colleagues, you manage everything simultaneously. you were chosen for this tough role, so choose a better life for yourself, never demean yourself and keep yourself motivated. Pick a hobby and gradually make it your profession. Little steps matter.


Be A Happy Vibe

Today I got a text from one of my good friends, that she wants to end up everything and run. I called her, but she couldn’t talk. I texted her back and asked her to calm down and speak to me whenever she could. As a short-term relaxation therapy, I asked her to go for a brisk walk, often n release of energy helps us to get rid the of negativity that surrounds us. Later when we talked over the phone, she frowned. She had issues with work life, a non-supportive/non-earning husband, a little daughter to take care and no support from parents. To give you a slight background let me tell you that she is highly placed in her job and does wonderful work, she earns decent. But the bottom line is she isn’t happy. I talked to her for an hour, I wanted her to vent out everything that she was carrying inside her. She is better, I am going to see her soon and talk more.


Often while we are well off in life in terms of money, job, relationship, one thing that we often miss out is, happiness and peace of mind. I am sure to survive it is necessary to run after your work, take care of our kids and family, but often we get a little less in return which curses us. Today I want all of us to take a pledge that whatever be the situation, we must take care of one person always in life and that is you yourself. Yes! don’t expect anyone to pamper you.

Let me put it in easy words:

  • No one loves you more than your parents, but they will not be with your whole life. This is a harsh reality.
  • Your siblings will get busy with their families.
  • Your husband will be always focused more on your children’s future so he will not love you as he did in the very first days of your relationship.
  • Your kids will grow up and get busy in their own circles.
  • Your job will not support you if you aren’t well physically and mentally.

Hence, It is important that we should focus on our self-more than anything else, because if you are not well how do you expect to be there for others, which you need to. Most important, ever demean yourself, love yourself, people normally get more inspired with positive happy vibes. Be a happy vibe for someone.


Eat healthy food, it helps immunity and makes you stronger to fight the battle you are on to. Take little steps, dance while you are cooking, do simple exercises while you are on your work desk, walk more, use stairs and drink lots of water.


Keep yourself in priority, admire yourself. Remember people will automatically love you if you love yourself. Be a happy Vibe.


Dress up and look good. It will keep you motivated and happy

through the day. You cant avoid the fact that one compliment automatically boosts you onside, so why not attract more. Dress up good always.


Don’t stress more about work. It is just a part of your life, it is not your entire life. The mess at work happens, but don’t bring it home. Leave it on your office desk. It is inevitable, and it will come back again, so you need not ruin your life after it. Always remember if you get any kind of physical/mental disability, your office won’t entertain you more. So, stay healthy mentally.


Take 5 minutes from your busy calendar every day and make a practice to meditate. Trust me it is important. Do you ever miss to take a bath? No right, similarly it is important to take a mind bath, clean unwanted thoughts and only keep the required material. Make it practice.


Whenever you are in a problem, talk it out. Don’t carry grumpy baggage inside your brain. It will only ruin your positive vibes and make people hate you more. Talk to some trustworthy person, or else write it down, it is easy and remains secret. I am sure days after when you will read it back you will realize how did you fought with the situation and managed to survive, and to be honest it only ads to motivation.

I am sure these things will help you in daily life. Share more and more with your friends and I would be pleased to have your feedback and experiences with regard to this. I am sure together we can help each other.

How Can Yoga Change Your Life

When it comes to weight loss, every third person in the queue is an admirer of a lean body. There are billions of searches that are done on a monthly basis around weight loss, fitness, exercising tips, healthy lifestyle and similar topics.

fitnessMost of you might be annoyed with the daily messages, calls, or emails on weight loss tips that approach you. Fitness is a popular demand in the market since most of us live a very passive routine due to our hectic schedules. To be honest, among all the tactics to fight the stuffed fat, I found all of these were very compelling and boring. Be it a daily gym class, or a diet program, something that has got monotony bores you after a time. While you are investing in your weight loss and not following the regime, you eventually fall into negativity, as a result, your morale is down, and then you eat more and get fatter.

Having said this, if I say that there is an easy and absolutely freeway that will not only free you from extra celluloid, but will also balance every other thing that relates to you. Boyfriend problems, Office Problems, Traffic problems and any other problem, fight them while you’re getting fit. Yes, I am talking about Yoga. Yoga for me is like a trance, that very time of your life which you spend with yourself and discover more of you. You don’t need to pay expensive gym memberships, no special joggers, no diet consultation fee and no supplements. This is free, only if you can regulate yourself.

Yoga is a science, which integrates your body with your mind. This is very important and effective in a messy lifestyle that we all live nowadays. Also, yoga can be practiced anytime, anywhere. Eventually, you balance yourself and manage to live a more life out of your routine.

With this, I am going to take you through a complete yoga learning session from the very basic Asanas to specific Asanas. I hope you all will cherish the journey with me and discover most out of you. Here to a HAPPY HEALTHY GREAT life…..